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00 an ordinary (falr) die is a cube with the numbers 1 through 6 on the sides (represented by painted spots). imagine that such a dle is rolled twice in succession and that the face values of the two rolls are added together. this sum is recorded as the outcome of a single trial of a random experiment. compute the probability of each of the following events. event a: the sum is greater than 5. event b: the sum is an even number. write your answers as exact fractions. Get the answer
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00 directions: select the correct text in the passage. which sentence is written in passive voice? nelson mandela nelson mandela, a famous civil right


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00 pmtwo different websites offer the same watch for sale. the watch costs $45 on both sites. the site, watches for less charges ashipping fee of 4% o


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00 select all the correct answers. which two sentences use coordinate adjectives? mark couldn't understand how his sister could be so fond of that old