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0.50 mole of kci, a strong electrolyte, is added to 2.0kg of water. the boiling point of the solution will be the boiling point of pure water. - higher then - lower then - the same as please explain! Get the answer
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0.58 points my workcheck my work button is now enableditem 1 on december 1, 2018, your company borrowed $15,000, a portion of which is to be repaid e


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0.5x-7= sqrt(-5x+29) give 2 different ways to show that the equation does not have any solutions. one way must be solving algebraically, and the othe


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0.6-mm-diameter glass tube is inserted into water at 20°c in a cup. the surface tension of water at 20°c is o,0.073 n/m. the contact angle can be tak