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"jane westerlund owns a picture-framing shop, the caplow co. the average price she receives for a picture she frames for a customer is $120. her average variable costs for a typical framed picture of $5 for glass, $2 for matting, and $13 for the frame, and $30 for the labor involved. her total fixed costs are $10,000. how many units must jane sell in order to break even Get the answer
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"jill is doing push-ups. when she pushes off the floor and her elbows are fully straightened (extended), her scapulae move anteriorly and are and whe


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"john t. was a solider in the civil war who lived in the unassigned lands. he left his land and returned at noon on april 22, 1889, to claim the land.


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"johnny drank a bottle of apple cider vinegar. 10 minutes later, his teeth turned yellow, and his throat & stomach started hurting. what can johnn