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.a current flowing through you of more than 5 ma is considered dangerous. why do we see warnings about high voltage, rather than high current? what voltages are dangerous even if the skin is dry? (dry skin has a resistance of 100 kohms while wet skin can be much less.) an electroencephalogram (eeg) is a recording of differences in voltage observed on the scalp by attaching electrical contacts. if voltage differences that are observed are about 0.5 mv, and the resistance of the skin is about 10 kohms, what size currents are involved? Get the answer
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.a number consists of 3-digit numbers. the ones and the hundreds place digits are both divisible by 3. the tens and ones place digits are both divisib


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.a number is called a perfect square if it is the square of a whole number. if m and n are two perfect squares, which of the following must also be a


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.a package mailed from hawaii weighs about 19.94 kg. the very same package mailed from oslo, norway, weighs 20 kg. how can you explain the differenc