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. write down the “word chemical equation” for the following described chemical reaction. 1.when harris dropped a lump of magnesium into a test tube of hydrochloric acid, the chemical magnesium chloride was formed. harris also noticed a gas being formed. the gas formed was hydrogen. abu bakar reacted a lump of calcium carbonate with some sulphuric acid. two of the products formed were water and calcium sulphate. the other product formed was a gas that turned lime water milky which proves its carbon dioxide. 3. manal was learning about photosynthesis. she looked on the internet and found that in this process, plants take in carbon dioxide gas from the air and water from the ground. using energy from the sun they can turn these chemicals into a kind of sugar called glucose and gas called oxygen. 4. when an iron object is left in damp air (or water) for a considerable time, it gets covered with a red-brown flaky substance called rust. this is called rusting of iron. during the rusting of iron, iron metal combines with the oxygen (of air) in the presence of water (moisture) to form a compound iron oxide. 5. when acid such as hydrochloric acid reacts with basic compound like sodium hydroxide, it leads to the formation of a salt called sodium chloride and water as end products. Get the answer
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. write the equation of a line in the graph below. a. y = 3x - 2 b. y = 3x + 2 c. y = -3x - 2 d. y = -3x + 2


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. xvi. formen parejas. inventen un diálogo sobre las reformas borbónicas entre fernando vi y carlos iii, en el que se expliquen cuál es el objetivo d


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. xác su?t b? h? c?a m?t qu? táo là 0,1. m?t cây táo có 30 qu?. tính xác su?t s? qu? không b? h? c?a cây này quá 25 qu?. a. 0,8568 b. 0,9976 c. 0,8981