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. there are many diseases that affect signal transmission along neural pathways. these includemultiple sclerosis (ms), myasthenia gravis, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (als or 'lougehrig's disease). often, a component of these afflictions is a malformation or degenerationof the myelin sheath. ms is a demyelinating disease, which means that the axons of neuronsare intact but the myelin sheaths are damaged. why would loss or damage to the myelinsheath be a problem for signal transmission, even if the axon was intact Get the answer
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. this is simon's 2nd time being charged with the theft of his neighbor's car. the first court case said that simon was "not guilty" but the cops ref


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. this sad story made him about his own tragedy. a. to think b. think c. thought d. thinks


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. this type of monitoring tracks all the living things in an ecosystem what the name of this if you dont know dont answer