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"in the wild wood they found an open glade, around a smooth stone house -- the hall of circe -- and wolves and mountain lions lay there, mild in her soft spell, fed on her drug of evil... they faced our men like hounds, who look up when their master comes with tidbits for them... humbly those wolves and lions with mighty paws fawned on our men -- who met their yellow eyes and feared them" (book 10, lines 1-11). what is the point of this epic simile comparing the wolves and lions to tame house dogs? how does it affect your impression of circe's hall? select one correct answer. select one or more: a. the simile emphasizes circe’s power and makes the reader suspicious of circe’s hall. b. the simile emphasizes how much they miss their dogs at home and makes the reader anticipate the men will find happiness in circe’s hall. Get the answer
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"in your opinion, what lessons has the world failed to learn from the holocaust? consider the treatment of specific racial, ethnic, and religious grou


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"inaugural address." select the correct answer. which words from the passage support the speaker's optimistic to from inaugural address by john f. ke


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"indian camp" questions nick’s father probably had several reasons for wanting to take nick along on this trip to the indian camp. speculate on what t