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. the pi is called . the rule of calculating pi of an amino acid is that first, write the dissociation equation from fully protonated form to fully deprotonated form, label the charge of each form; second, identify the zwitterionic form (zero charge) and find the closest pks (left and right side in the dissociation equation); third, average these two pks. write the dissociation equations for amino acids, glutamate, histidine, and calculate their pis. Get the answer
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. the perimeter of a triangle can be represented by the expression p = 4x2 – 5x+1. the length of one side is x² – 2x – 4 and the length of the other


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. the pet store salesman told evan to feed his dog 8 ounces of food per day. the food is sold in pounds. how many pounds does evan need to buy for 2 w


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. the population of the united states is about 3.22x10^8. write the population in standard form g. 32,200,000 h. 3,220,000,000 i.322.000 000?