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. reported speech 1. peter said, “i want to train in a simulated microgravity condition.” - peter . 2. jane said, “how are you, jack?” - jane . 3. “please pump water into the tank,” his wife said. - his wife . 4. “are you contented with your life here, tom?” said sophia. - sophia . 5. “ i will do the transplanting tomorrow,” mr. vy said to her. - mr. vy .. ii. verb form 1. when jim (be) a child, he used (read) picture books. 2. jack is used to (stay) at home alone. 3. in case of fire, what number you (call)? 4. the environment (be) better if we used solar energy. 5. it’s time we (leave) for school. 6. they advised us (avoid) (approach) big crowds. 7. do you have any trouble (learn) english? Get the answer
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. romeo was charged $380.75 for repairs for his car. the sales tax rate is 7.5%. how much will romeo pay in total for his car repairs?


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. ron polonsky is a seventy-one-year-old retired distribution manager. he and his wife sandra live in lincoln, nebraska. sandra is fifty-seven and is


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. soc media is 2% tryptone, 0.5 % yeast extract, 10 mm nacl (f. w. 58), 2.5 mm kcl (f. w. 74.5), 10 mm mgso4 (f. w. 246.5), 10 mm mgcl2 (fw 203.3), 20