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. alexandro, o professor de física, avisou aos alunos que a média bimestral seria calculada conforme o seguinte critério: adicionam-se as notas obtidas no projeto, na prova e no trabalho em grupo e divide-se o resultado obtido por três. laura é uma das alunas do professor alexandre. as notas de laura: projeto: 5,0 prova: 6,5 trabalho em grupo: 9,5. a) por que o resultado deve ser dividido por 3? Get the answer
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. alternative x has a first cost of $5 million and an annual maintenance cost of $200,000. alternative y has a first cost of $7 million, a maintenance


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. although a tale of two cities is a work of fiction, most of the information about the reign of terror is true. write in your own words, three salien


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. amanda reiss had completed her residency in ophthalmology in portland, oregon, and was moving to phoenix, arizona, to start her practice. she began