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. after reading to a kindergarten class at the library, tobey gives out stickers. he has 9 zoo animal stickers and 16 scratch-n-sniff stickers. if tobey gives the stickers out at random, what is the probability that the first child gets a scratch-n-sniff sticker and the second child gets a zoo animal sticker? Get the answer
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. alec tomita's savings account statement is shown below. what is his new balance? previous balance interest deposits withdrawals $568.23 $2.37 $562.3


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. alexandro, o professor de física, avisou aos alunos que a média bimestral seria calculada conforme o seguinte critério: adicionam-se as notas obtida


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. all are functions of fine aggregate except * a. it increases the volume of the mixture.b. it reduces shrinkage of the mixc. it prevents the stickin