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. (20 pts) a horizontal cylindrical pipe (k = 10 w/m·k) has an outer diameter of 15 cm and a wall thickness of 5 cm. the pipe is situated in a stationary air, where the air and surrounding temperature is 27°c. the outer surface temperature of the pipe is 127°c, and the pipe surface has an emissivity of 0.5. determine the inner surface temperature of the pipe. use the following air properties for the analysis: k = 0.03 w/m?k, ? = 20.92 × 10?6 m2 /s, ? = 29.90 × 10?6 m2 /s, pr = 0.70 Get the answer
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. (a) calculate the magnitude and direction of the force on each foot of the horse in figure 9.30 (two are on the ground), assuming the center of mass


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. (a) find the ratio of the strengths of the weak and electromagnetic forces under ordinary circumstances. (b) what does that ratio become under circu


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. (a) what is the frequency of the 193-nm ultraviolet radiation used in laser eye surgery? (b) assuming the accuracy with which this em radiation can