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. 1 indique l'ordre des actions du narrateur en les numérotant de 1 à 6. il aperçoit des badauds. il fait demi-tour. il repart en ramant. il se dresse sur sa planche. il se dirige vers une vague immense. il surfe sur la vague. ... ... ? Get the answer
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. 1. instant meals sent out free samples to introduce its new product, sesame soup. each sample weighs 69 ounces. the post office charges thirty-six


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. 1. what is a fuel?3. define carbonisation.5. what is the black gold?anse. answer the following questions in one word or a single sentence.2. name t


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. 1. when you transfer energy into a substance, the temperature stays the same 2. when you transfer energy into a substance, the molecules' kinetic e