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-elect the correct answer. an object is acted upon by a force of 22 newtons to the right and a force of 13 newtons to the left. what is the magnitude and direction of the het force? a. 9newtons to the right b. 9newtons to the left c. 22newtons to the right d. 35newtons to the right e. 35newtons to the left Get the answer
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-identify the knowledge and skills needed to follow a pathway toward a career goal. a. fafsa4casters b. work-studies c. dual enrollments d. career cl


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-moves "the string of a kite is perfectly taut" and always makes an angle of 35 degrees above horizontal. (a) if the kite flyer has let out 500 feet o


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-nature walk- go on a nature walk anywhere outside identify a plant or an animal take a picture of it right a short paragraph describing the plant or