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- exam-style questions - paper 1 1 gowri plans to start up her own business using her own savings. she wants to produce fashion clothes for women. she is a very good clothes designer but she does not like stitching clothes together. two friends have offered to help gowri. abha is an experienced material cutter - she can cut lengths of material for clothes with very little wastage. aditi is quick at sewing. a) what is meant by 'business'?[2 ] b) identify two factors of production that gowri will need for her new business 2] c) identify and explain two possible opportunity costs that gowri may have from her decision to start her own business. [4 d) identify and explain one advantage and one disadvantage to gowri's business of using division of labour in making clothes. [6] e) do you think that gowri's business will be able to sell all of the clothes that it makes ? justify your answer .[6 ]m Get the answer
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- frank has taken a job with a starting salary of $25,000 and annual raises of 4%. what will be his salary during his third year on the job?


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- gas central heating is used for 5 days, using 102 kwh of energy. if 1 kwh of gas costs 7p, calculate the cost of using the central heating -


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- given the following experimental data, use the method of initialrates to determine the rate law for the reaction aa + bb --> products.hint: any n