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*question 1* write short notes on the following indicating their relevance in the fight against helminths infections. a) albendazole b) ivermectin c) praziquantel d) piperazine (diethylcarbamazine) hint: the molecular structure, how the aforementioned drugs work, side effects, etc. *question 2* briefly write in the merits and demerits of the various diagnostic methods used in parasitology a) microscopy b) polymerase chain reaction / isothermal amplification c) immunodiagnostics *question 3* briefly explain why the parasite which causes lymphatic filariasis (wuchereria bancrofti) undergoes nocturnal periodicity hint: what is nocturnal periodicity, what causes it and their advantages Get the answer
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*quick* the practice of selective incorporation means that the bill of rights will always be applied to the states by the court.never be applied to t


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*quiz active* consider the table showing the given, predicted, and residual values for a data set. (see image) which point would be on the residual pl


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*read the poem and answer the following questions below.* spaceships we waited behind bushes, sniper like discipline, for our uncles to arrive. the fo