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*please help needed asap* assignment summaryfor this assignment, you will determine how useful, accessible, and credible health resources are in yourhome, school, and community. then, you will compare these resources by answering several questionsand completing a graphic organizer.background informationhealth resources include materials, people, and programs that help you make informed decisions andlearn more about your own health and wellness. having a good bank of health resources allows you tomake healthy choices and helps you to identify and treat illnesses. health resources can be all aroundyou: your parents or guardians, reliable websites, local pharmacists, and your doctor are all possibleresources. the usefulness and accessibility of these resources are important factors in deciding whichones you should consult.materials? internet access ? student worksheetassignment instructionsfor this project, you will submit two things:1. a completed health resources worksheet2. a completed heath care in the community graphic organizerstep 1: prepare for the project.a) read through the guide before you begin so you know the expectations for this project.b) if anything is not clear to you, ask your teacher for assistance.step 2: compare the accessibility, usefulness, and validity of the health resources in your home,school, and community.a) make sure to answer all of the questions.b) include supporting information and details in your answers.step 3: complete the health care in the community graphic organizer.a) answer each question in 2–3 sentences.b) provide reasoning for your answers.step 4: evaluate your project using this checklist.if you can check each box below, you are ready to submit your project.? is your name on your document?? did you provide three health resources each for your home, school, and community?? did you explain a circumstance in which you would use each resource?? did you complete all four sections of the graphic organizer? student guide (continued)? did you answer questions in the graphic organizer in 2–3 sentences?? did you provide reasoning for all answers?? did you check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation throughout your answer? Get the answer
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*please help* type the correct answer in each box. spell all the words correctly, and use numerals instead of words for numbers. if necessary, use /


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*please help* what is the area of the polygon? (there's two questions :')) 1. 4 square units 20 square units 28 square units 14 square units 2. 96 cm


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*please help* a metal ornament is being designed such that its perimeter is created by four identical three-quarter circles as shown whose centers are