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*help again please! i need at least a 40% to pass this math check point and i have 7 days to catch up or else i fail school please i don't have many points, answer all if possible* 1.) consider the symbolic mapping statement (x, y)?(18x,18y). what is the scale factor for this dilation? 2.) triangle pqr has points p(?3,4), q(?8,3), and r(?1,?6). triangle pqr is transformed using the mapping statement (x, y)?(8x,8y) to create triangle p?q?r?. what are the coordinates of points p?, q?, and r? of the image? a. p?(?3,32), q?(?8,24), r?(?1,?48) b. p?(?38,?12), q?(?1,38), r?(?18,?34) c. p?(?24,4), q?(?64,3), r?(?8,?6) d. p?(?24,32), q?(?64,24), r?(?8,?48) 3.) which symbolic mapping statement corresponds to the verbal mapping statement "a figure is dilated by a factor of 2, and the center of dilation is the origin"? a. (x, y)?(2x,2y) b. (x, y)?(x,2y) c. (2x,2y)?(x, y) d. (x, y)?(12x,12y) 4.) match each verbal mapping statement to its corresponding symbolic mapping statement. assume that the center of dilation is the origin for all transformations. dilate by a factor of 5 dilate by a factor of 1/5 dilate by a factor of 1 Get the answer
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*help pls* based on the information in the map, which of these conclusions can be made? population density along the huang he was greater than populat


Giiwedin Frigyes 1 Hours ago

*help* what will you do when the writing prompt tells you to differenciate? a. list linkenesses and differences b. list only likenesses c. list only


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*hedgehogs are nocturnal and hibernate during the winter. which of the following is not true? a)hedgehogs eat insects and worms - they are herbivores