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a cell in your adrenal gland has about 2.5 * 10^4 tiny compartments called vesicles that contain the hormone epinephrine (also called adrenaline). (a) an entire cell has about 150 fmol of epinephrine. how many attomoles (amol) of epinephrine are in each vesicle? (b) how many molecules of epinephrine are in each vesicle? (c) the volume of a sphere of radius r is r/3 ?r^3. find the volume of a spherical vesicle of radius 200 nm. express your answer in cubic meters (m3 ) and liters, remembering that 1 l = 10^-3 m^3. (d) find the molar concentration of epinephrine in the vesicle if it contains 10 amol of epinephrine. Get the answer
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a cell is set up with copper and lead electrodes in contact with cuso4(aq) and pb(no3)2(aq), respectively, at 25°c. the standard reduction potentials


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a cell is taken from an environment that has a high salt concentration and is placed into an environment that does not contain any salt. what effect w


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a cell lysate contains a variety of proteins. among the proteins in the lysate is protein a, which is composed primarily of a large number of glutamat