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) the larger impurities and cloudy sediments in the water of aquarium may be removed by means of filtering, as shown in the figure. for this reason, the water in the aquarium must be recirculated through the filter at a volumetric flow rate of 0.0004ab m3/s. the water in the aquarium is forced through the filter by using the pressurized air from an aerotor pump. the cross-sectional areas of the glass tube and plastic tube are 0.0001ab m2 and 0.00002ab m2 respectively. assume that densities of water, air and air-water mixture are 99a, b kg/m3, 1.1ab kg/m3 and 9ab kg/m3 respectively. atmospheric pressure is 10ab25 pa. neglecting all the losses, determine i-the pressure difference that must be created by the aerator pump ii-the volumetric flow rate of the air through the plastic tube iii- the power that must delivered by the aerator pump for overall efficiency %6a, b. solve the problem by making the necessary assumptions and drawing the schematic figure Get the answer
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) the velocity function is v(t)=?t2+3t?2v(t)=?t2+3t?2 for a particle moving along a line. find the displacement (net distance covered) of the particle


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) there is a hotel which has 50 rooms. when the rate is $180/night, all rooms will be booked up. there will be one more room available when the rate i


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) think of ways in which the values of one group of people clash with the values of another group. list at least five examples.