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) a 2.5 in diameter through hole is to be cut in a block of copper(1) by electrochemical machining. the block is 2.0 in thick. to speed the cutting process, the electrode tool will have a center hole of 2.25 in, which will produce a center core that can be removed after the tool breaks through. if the efficiency of the ecm operation is 90%, what current is required to complete the cutting operation in x2 minutes? Get the answer
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) a club on campus is selling entertainment coupon books for $30 each. it costs the team $10 to buy each book. the club has 500 books. the team's pr


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) a company sells a software suite that includes a word processor and spreadsheet applications. the suite sells for $250 and the items are also availa


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) a hydraulically operated multidisk plate clutch has an effective disk outer diameter of 160 mm and an inner diameter of d mm. there are six sliding