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) wetlands have characteristics of both dry land and of bodies of water. how have amphibians adapted to this environment? a. they can lay their eggs underwater or on dry land. b. water can pass through their lungs; they have night vision. c. water can pass through the skin; they have lungs. d. they retain a set of gills their whole lives. Get the answer
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) a 16 foot ladder is leaning against a wall. if the top slips down the wall at a rate of 3 ft/s, how fast will the foot be moving away from the wall


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) a 2.5 in diameter through hole is to be cut in a block of copper(1) by electrochemical machining. the block is 2.0 in thick. to speed the cutting pr


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) a michelson interferometer uses light whose wavelength is known to be 602.446 nm. mirror m2 is slowly moved while exactly 33,198 bright-dark-bright