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(100 points) state the minimum monthly income and hourly wage per worker needed to cover monthly expenses for the family you used in part a. then, explain how to calculate the hourly wage based on the monthly income and state the hourly wage. assume that each full-time worker works four 40-hour work weeks per month, and each part-time worker works two 40-hour weeks per month. Get the answer
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(100 pts.) tito is posting a photo and needs to resize it to fit. the photo width should fill 4/5 of the width of the page. on tito's screen, the to


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(100 pts.) determine whether the following statement is sometimes, always, or never true. justify your answer. if line xy is on a number line and po


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(100 words minimum – 140 maximum) write a short story about how you have spent the last few weeks of staying at home because of the coronavirus. how