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(1) mr. brennan, my math teacher, says that we have to show our work on our tests. (2) learned the hard way to follow his instructions to the letter. (3) it all happened last week in an experience that i probably will not forget. (4) i had stopped in the hall to talk to a friend before a math test. (5) the bell rang. (6) i still needed to go to my locker, get my math book, and get to class for the test. (7) i didn't realize that my friend and i had been talking for so long. (8) i made it to class, but i was fifteen minutes late. (9) the test had already begun. (10) i wanted to finish the whole test. (11) i had studied for the past two nights and wanted to show what i had learned. (12) i did some of the problems in my head, the last answer i wrote, and when the bell rang i stopping writing. (13) out in the hall, jen asked, "how did you do?" (14) "i think all of my answers were right," i said. (15) "i put down my last answer as the bell rang. (16) how did you do?" (17) "it took a lot of time to write down all my work, but i think i did okay," jen said. (18) "i didn't have time to write down my work," i said. (19) "i hope mr. brennan doesn't mind." (20) the next day when i went to class, mr. brennan was waiting for me. (21) that he wanted to talk to me about something was apparent. (22) "it's too bad," he said. (23) "you had all the right answers on the test, but you only got partial credit." (24) "why only partial if they are correct answers?" i asked. (25) "you did not follow directions: you showed no work. (26) how can i be sure the answers are yours without this proof?" (27) i looked sadly at the failing grade. (28) i knew that this was one lesson i would never forget. (29) following instructions was more important than to figure out the right answer. 9. the noun clause in sentence 1 functions as a b a subject a direct object. a predicate nominative. an object of a preposition. d 10. which prepositional phrase could be added to sentence 3 to best show where the events happen? a b ? near school by school after school at school ? d Get the answer
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(1) one trend certain to remain, and even expand, is the trend toward integrating technology into the classroom. (2) in many districts, the classroom


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(1) pandas are one of the world's most beloved species. (2) in china, pandas face many threats to their survival as a species. (3) some of these threa


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(1) patience is not required to achieve one's goals. (2) one reason for this is that people can always make up any lack of patience with passion. (3)