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(1) (1) calculate the amount in moles of chlorine collected after 20 minutes. use figure 3. the volume of one mole of any gas at room temperature and pressure is 24.0 dm give your answer in standard form. moles of chlorine = mol (3) (total 14 marks) q4. Get the answer
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(1) 4. you have two brothers and two sisters. your mother plans to divide a sum of money between her children in one of the ratios below. the ratios a


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(1) a block of mass 800g is pulled from rest on a horizontal frictionless bench by a steady force of f and it travels 16m in 2 seconds. find: (a) the


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(1) a certain quantity of sodium tetraborate was weighed accurately and placed in a 250 ml volumetric flask. (ii) 25 ml of this stock solution was the