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(1 point) two solutions of salt water contain 0.06% and 0.26% salt respectively. a lab technician wants to make 1 liter of solution which contains 0.11% salt. how much of each solution should she use? amount of 0.06% solution = milliliters amount of 0.26% solution = milliliters Get the answer
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(1 points) for an electron in a box, the ground state energy e_1 = 2 ~\text{ev}e 1 =2 ev, for what transition would the energy difference be 5 e_15e


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(1 pt.) bell, inc. buys 1,000 computer game cds from a distributor who is discontinuing those games. the purchase price for the lot is $8,000. bell wi


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(1) (1) calculate the amount in moles of chlorine collected after 20 minutes. use figure 3. the volume of one mole of any gas at room temperature an