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(1 point) in the problems, (a) identify the independent variable and the dependent variable of each equation (use 't' for the independent variable if an independent variable is not given explicitly); (b) give the order of each differential equation (enter '1' for first order, '2' for second order and so on; do not include the quotes); and (c) state whether the equation is linear or nonlinear. if your answer to (c) is nonlinear, make sure that you can explain why this is true. equation (a) independent (a) dependent (b) order (c) linear/nonlinear x(7)+t2x(5)=xet ? ey?+3xy=0 ? t2r????4tr??+r?+3r=et ? Get the answer
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(1 point) match each of the following with the correct statement. a. the series is absolutely convergent. c. the series converges, but is not absolute


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(1 point) rework problem 5 from section 1.1 of your text, involving subsets of a set a. assume that the set a = {0,1,3,4,8}. (1) let b = {1}. note t


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(1 point) scores on a certain intelligence test for children between ages 13 and 15 years are approximately normally distributed with µ=106?=106 and ?