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(1 point) 7. why is support for the electoral college greater in small population states than it is in larger population states? o the smaller population states tend to agree with the electoral college's candidate for president. o the smaller population states don't have the financial support for running popular vote elections. o the smaller population states are happier to let a small group of people choose the president. the smaller population states have more power by using the electoral college than they would otherwise Get the answer
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(1 point) a spring with a spring constant k of 100 pounds per foot is loaded with 1-pound weight and brought to equilibrium. it is then stretched an a


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(1 point) a tank contains 60 kg of salt and 2000 l of water. pure water enters a tank at the rate 8 l/min. the solution is mixed and drains from the t


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(1 point) a, p and d are n×n matrices. check the true statements below: a. a is diagonalizable if and only if a has n eigenvalues, counting multiplici