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(06.04 mc) find the area of the following shape. you must show all work to receive credit. (10 points) figure abcdef is shown. a is located at 5, 6. b is located at 11, 3. c is located at 11, negative 3. d is located at 4, negative 3. e is located at 4.5, 3 . f is located at 1, 3. Get the answer
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(06.04 mc) dennis drew the line of best fit on the scatter plot shown below: what is the approximate equation of this line of best fit in slope-interc


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(06.04 mc) the function f(x) = 4x + 8 represents the distance traveled by a herd of elephants in miles. the function g(x) = x ? 1 represents the time


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(06.05 hc) circular flow chart showing connectivity, with blue arrows, from government to product market and household, from product market to househ