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"an uncharged 30.0-µf capacitor is connected in series with a 25.0-? resistor, a dc battery, and an open switch. the battery has an internal resistance of 10.0 ? and the open-circuit voltage across its terminals is 50.0 v. the leads have no appreciable resistance. at time t = 0, the switch is suddenly closed." "when does the maximum current occur?" Get the answer
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"ancient greek myths for kids: the story of king midas and the golden touch - ancient greek myth for kids" https://greece. mrdonn. org/greekgods/kingm


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"and we...require all persons who have either willfully or inadvertently seated themselves upon any lands within the countries described (native land


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"and and or" probability questions. the table shows the probability of rain of the next three days: friday 90% saturday 90% sunday 90% work out the