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(04.05, 04.06 mc) sarah has $8 and wants to buy a combination of cupcakes and fudge to feed at least four siblings. each cupcake costs $2, and each piece of fudge costs $1. this system of inequalities models the scenario:2x + y = <8x + y > 4part a: describe the graph of the system of inequalities, including shading and the types of lines graphed. provide a description of the solution set. (4 points) part b: is the point (8, 10) included in the solution area for the system? justify your answer mathematically. (3 points) part c: choose a point in the solution set and interpret what it means in terms of the real-world context. (3 points)? Get the answer
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(04.06 lc) which of the following describes fluid intelligence? a. knowledge through experience b. ability to reason, think, and solve problems c. se


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(04.06 lc) read the sentences and choose the best option. r it's three o'100 o't. don't the ladies still dress? select the adverb in the sentence. o


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(04.06 mc) what is one argument against the idea of emotional intelligence as a type of intelligence? a. people’s behaviors are not impacted by their