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(04.03 mc) a biologist is studying the growth of a particular species of algae. she writes the following equation to show the radius of the algae, f(d), in mm, after d days: f(d) = 9(1.04)d part a: when the biologist concluded her study, the radius of the algae was approximately 12.81 mm. what is a reasonable domain to plot the growth function? (4 points) part b: what does the y-intercept of the graph of the function f(d) represent? (2 points) part c: what is the average rate of change of the function f(d) from d = 3 to d = 9, and what does it represent? (4 points) (10 points) Get the answer
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(04.04 lc) on a coordinate grid, point l is at (?4, 4) and point s is at (8, 4). the distance (in units) between points l and s is . input only whole


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(04.04 mc) a satellite dish is being designed so that it can pick up radio waves coming from space. the satellite dish will be in the shape of a para


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(04.04 mc) lee y escoge la opción con la palabra o palabras correctas para completar la frase. read and choose the option with the correct word or wo