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(02.07 lc) use the map to answer the following question: this is a color map showing political borders of modern asian countries. it shows japan as an island nation in the east. near japan is north and south korea. bordering the koreas is china. russia and sapporo are located to the north of japan. the philippines is an island nation located south of japan off the coast of china. to the south of the philippines is indonesia, another island nation. along the south of the asian continent are the following countries from east to west: vietnam, cambodia, laos, thailand, burma, india, bhutan, pakistan, afghanistan, and iran. public domain which of the following countries was most isolated from medieval japan? (5 points) select one: a. india b. china c. korea d. russia Get the answer
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(02.08 mc) read and choose the correct option. aburrida. ella tiene usted eres mi amiga es él tiene


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(0202 mc) what set of reflections would carry rectangle abcd onto itself? (1 point) a(-5,1) b(-5,3) c(-1,3) d(-1,1)select onea. y-axis, x-axis y-axis


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(03.01 hc) coordinate plane with quadrilaterals efgh and e prime f prime g prime h prime at e 0 comma 1, f 1 comma 1, g 2 comma 0, h 0 comma 0, e prim