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( the glass castle) to which senses does the imagery about the "hot pot" mainly appeal on page 65 of the novel? your taste and hearing touch and smell touch and hearing sight and taste Get the answer
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Mona Eva 55 Minutes ago

( vietnamese ) cân 5.219 (g) m?u th?c ph?m, kh? nhi?m và ??nh m?c ??n 100ml (dung d?ch 1). rút 10ml ?? xác ??nh ?? m?n b?ng ph??ng pháp volhard. th? t


Selma Yafa 1 Hours ago

( why humans can't live off sunlight) the author mentions that shine made several mistakes in her experiment. describe one major mistake that shine


Mona Eva 1 Hours ago

( worth 100 points) a persuasive essay using 3 pieces of research that argues the reasons why adults must complete the census 2020. 300 words ( worth