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( please help ) 1. compare the strengths and weaknesses of the horizontal and vertical methods for adding and subtracting polynomials. include common errors to watch out for when using each of these methods 2. imagine you are teaching a new student how to multiply polynomials. explain how multiplying polynomials is similar to multiplying integers. then describe the key differences between the two. Get the answer
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( sos ) which step is the same when constructing an inscribed regular hexagon and an inscribed equilateral triangle? a. set the compass width to grea


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( t or f ) the streets were busy. 4. ( t or f ) it was hot and sunny. 5. what was the policeman doing? checking stores and doors greeting people a


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( the adventures of huckleberry finn: odysseware ) twain loves the use of exaggeration and hyperbole. this love is very apparent in the friendship bet