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( please i need help) merrifield movers charges its customers for same-city moving services, forming an arithmetic sequence. the costs are based on a truck rental fee and an hourly charge for labor. the data points in the graph below correspond to the hours of labor and the amounts that merrifield movers recently charged three customers.find the hourly rate that the movers charge. what is the truck rental fee, shown as a point on the graph of the function for the total amount that merrifield movers charges?give your answer by filling the blanks using the sketchpad with the appropriate value. you will earn 1 point for each correct answer (up to 3 points).hint: for the hourly rate, find the rate of charge, vertical change/ horizontal change.hint: for the truck rental fee, find the y-value when x = 0.(find the amount for when x = 2, then 1, then 0.) give your answer as an ordered pair Get the answer
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( question) physical properties are- a. traits you can assess using your 5 senses (see, hear, smell, touch, hear) b. traits that must be tested in a


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( short essay ) what does it mean to find common ground? choose two of the texts in this unit and explain how they show this theme. ("a quilt of a c


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( sos ) which step is the same when constructing an inscribed regular hexagon and an inscribed equilateral triangle? a. set the compass width to grea