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( a. find the distance around the park to the nearest yard. 39 the distance is about yards. b. a new path and a bridge are constructed from point q to the midpoint m of pr find qm to the nearest yard. qm yd c. a man jogs from p to q to m to r to q and back to p at an average speed of 150 yards per minute. to the neare long does it take him to travel the entire distance? it takes about minutes type here to con Get the answer
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( from the story masque of the red death)how does the setting of the story intensify the grim mood? r. the fortress-like abbey keeps the prince from


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( ? 2 , 2 ) (?2,2) under a translation is ( ? 3 , 5 ) (?3,5). find the coordinates of the image of the point ( ? 3 , 1 ) (?3,1) under the same tran


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( 1.4 describe how the following concepts could help to lack of basic services challenges in social and environmental responsibility ? ?