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'a closed thermos with 1 liter of water has a higher mass when the water is 80 °c than when it is 20 °c. the difference in internal energy (movement and potential energy of the water molecules) is 2.5 × 105 j, so the difference in mass is 2.8 × 10?12 kg. this is difficult or impossible to measure. if the thermos allows the heat to leak away, it therefore loses some internal energy and a little mass (here too, of course, it is not said that "mass is converted into energy").' https://nl. wikipedia. org/wiki/massa-energierelatie#voorb eelden this is an example of e=m. c² from wikipedia but i do not understand it. <=> m=c²/e so more energy would mean less mass but how do you get more mass if the watermolecules have more more energy (bc of the heath)?? Get the answer
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'allah should act according to human ideas of justice' evaluate this statement considering arguments for and against - refer to muslim teachings -


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'an inspector calls' social context paragraph on the relationship between the poor and the rich in britain in 1912.


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'cause i can't do s*it right, i can't learn my lesson i can't do s*it right, take anti-depressant. s illness and welfar. e robbed my adolescenc. e my