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<333 the owner has 8 employees. seven of them earn $ 210, $200, $190, $180, $300, $150,$90 a day. what does the 8th employee get paid, if the average pay for all 8 employees is $200? Get the answer
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<access 102 exercise two. pdfd. a man spends 1/9 of his monthly income on rent, 1/2 on food and % on clothes. if he still hasghs 20.0 left at the e


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<cosissulaa strain guage consists of a wire of total length 3mand resistance 750 ohm. a force causes the longth of thewire to increase to 3.005 m.


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<exit online end-of-year assessment00:00compare26andusing benchmark numbers.8part awhich number can you use to compare these fractions?o a. oob. 1