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< launch lab20 minuteshiehow are cades used to determine traits?interpret this code to learn more about how an organism's body cellsuse codes to determine genetic traits.analyze the pattern of the simple code shown to the right. for example,><ladog2 in your science journal, record the correct letters for the symbols inthe code below.>w aj od>u ljj ajjrovn^ ujlvvouruliveda tvjovathink about this1. what do all codes, such as morse code and braille, have in common?2. what do you think might happen if there is a mistake in the code?izmu key concept how do you think an organismis cells might use code to determine its traits? Get the answer
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< triangle hij is rotated 90 degrees about the origin and dilated by a scale o factor of 2 (with respect to the origin). what are the coordinates o


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< whats the answers for the x, y data chart? compute the regression equation ry data 4 y for each (p, v) pair, type the pressure in the x- column


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