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< 3. why did the algonquins become allies with the french? select all that apply. (2 points) athey were afraid that the french would take their land. bthey wanted to maintain their strong fur trading relationship. cthey wanted to help the french secure land east of the mississippi. dthe french respected indian land and did not destroy their hunting grounds. Get the answer
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< term 1 2021 mth 1100 xtib = write this ratio as a fraction in lowest terms 80 minutes to 30 minutes


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< assessment questions 1.part a: which statement identifies the central idea of the text? 2. part b: which quote from the text best supports the a


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< question 3 of 4 nate the skate was an avid physics student whose main non-physics interest in life was high-speed skateboarding. in particular,