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#17: a rectangular shape has an area of 150 square units. the sides of the rectangle measure (x + 3) and (x – 2). what is the value of x? (type the final answer as x=# without any space. example: x=35 if there are two possible values of x, write the final answer as follows: x=35 and x=36) * Get the answer
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#18) let b(t) and g(t) represent the average prices of name brand and generic prescriptions respectively in year t. find b(2009) and g(2006)


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#19. the supremacy clause states a. that state law is supreme over national and local law b. that local law is supreme over state and national law c.


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#1: the zia sun symbol, seen on the new mexico flag, stands for peace and friendship. which is the participial phrase in this sentence? #2: in the la