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#12: kara is deciding between the lyme point inn and ever after farms for her wedding reception. the lyme point inn charges $3,000 for the venue and $100 for each meal. ever after farm charges $5,400 for the venue and $70 for each meal. write and solve an equation to find the number of meals at which the total cost charged by the two venues would be the same. * Get the answer
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#17. assume you have the following code mov ax, 1020h;mov bx, 3280h;mul bx;after the above code is executed what will be the value of:dx = ax = ?


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#17: a rectangular shape has an area of 150 square units. the sides of the rectangle measure (x + 3) and (x – 2). what is the value of x? (type the fi


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#17: if the area of a rectangle measures 20 square inches, the side lengths must be 4 inches and 5 inches. if the statement above is false, provide