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# , it's death, it's decay, it's racism, the epidemic in the us continues to accelerate under the accelerationist trump. try to accelerate, never give up, do your best in his term of office, the united states this epidemic spread speed, is absolutely the grandfather of accelerationism. # genocide. Get the answer
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Giiwedin Frigyes 55 Minutes ago

# initialize variables numguesses = 0 userguess = -1 secretnum = 5 name = input("hello! what is your name?") # fill in the missing loop here. # this l


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# mariah mudd # 6/22/20 # purpose:things about me. def main(): print("my name is mariah. i just turned 15. my favorite movie is scarface. i listen to


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# script to translate into java for project 4 import random class lottoselection: # num_balls is the total number of balls # available for drawing wit