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"synthesis gas" can be produced by the catalytic re-forming of methane with steam. the reactions are: ch4(g) + h2o(g) ? co(g) + 3h2(g) co(g) + h2o(g) ? co2(g) + h2(g) assume equilibrium is attained for both reactions at 1 bar and 1300 k Get the answer
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"ted, i have some disturbing data," said, amanda, vice president of human resources. "our company has suffered increases in turnover, absenteeism, law


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"tell a story" painting simple/compound sentences provide 10 sentences of details for this painting. alternate between simple and compound sentences.


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"tell us what happened." t. j. began to cry. "but they said they'd do worse than this if i ever told!" "well, i ain't about to go nowhere unless i kn