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"such occasions arise in the life of the man who is a pure seeker after truth and who would seek to serve the humanity and his country to the best of his lights without fear or hypocrisy. for the last fifty years i have known no other way. i have been a humble servant of humanity and have rendered on more than one occasion such services as i could to the empire, and here let me say without fear of challenge that throughout my career never have i asked for any personal favor. i have enjoyed the privilege of friendship as i enjoy it today with lord linlithgow. it is a friendship which has outgrown official relationship." identify the theme of this excerpt from the quit india speeches of 1942 by mahatma gandhi, and explain the author's use of diction to support the theme. Get the answer
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"suppose exam scores are normally distributed with a mean of 70 and a standard deviation of 6. the probability that someone scores between a 70 and a


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"suppose that 5% of bags contain forbidden items." forbidden 0.05 not forbidden what is the probability that a randomly chosen bag does not contain a


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"suppose that general motors acceptance corporation issued a bond with 10 years until maturity, a face value of $ 1 comma 000, and a coupon rate of 7.