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"profiting on the backs of child laborers" by victoria riskin and mike farrell, co-chairs of the california committee (south) of human rights watch please write a response in full and complete sentences and explain how riskin and farrell built an argument to persuade their audience that child labor in the u. s. agricultural sector is a disgrace and needs to be changed. in your response, please analyze how riskin and farrell use ethos (credibility), logos (facts/data), and pathos (emotion) to strengthen the logic and persuasiveness of their argument using evidence from the text. your response should not explain whether you agree with riskin and farrell’s claims but rather explain how the authors build an argument to persuade their audience. conclude your essay by restating the main ideas in your analysis, including your evaluation of the authors’ use of rhetorical elements. Get the answer
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"quick help!!" i need someone to write a speech for me really quick!! here's the prompt: someone must defend poor king george and the british, and th


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"quiero recorrer todos los mares; atravesar todas las inclemencias." "nada de lo que redunda en el progreso humano se consigue con el acuerdo unánime.


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"raising the interest rate on reserves above the current fed funds rate means that the floor of reserve demand will push the equilibrium fed funds rat