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"niagara at most should be my furthest post in that quarter... by this means we may keep up a trade with the most distant nations, retain their good opinion, and totally prevent any jealousy of our intending them any ill. ... as we increase in numbers on this continent, it's easy and safe to advance our settlements in townships, though this i would do only by cession or by purchase of the lands to prevent the shadow of an excuse for the indians to quarrel with us Get the answer
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Valko Tomer 55 Minutes ago

"nikki giovanni's real name is yolande cornelia. most poets do not change their name. why might she have done so? how does using the nom de plume of n


Mona Eva 1 Hours ago

"no any country is permanent friend or enemy to a country". justify the statement with reference to the first and second wars


Sarah Aksinia 1 Hours ago

"no free man shall be seized [arrested] or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions ... except by the lawful judgment of his peers." this