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"mama, is it time to go?" i hadn't planned to cry, but the tears came suddenly, and i wiped them away with the back of my hand. i didn't want my older sister to see me crying. "it's almost time, ruri," my mother said gently. her face was filled with a kind of sadness i had never seen before. i looked around at my empty room. the clothes that mama always told me to hang up in the closet, the junk piled on my dresser, the old rag doll i could never bear to part with--they were all gone. there was nothing left in the rest of the house. the rugs and furniture were gone, the pictures and drapes were down, and the closets and cupboards were empty. the house was like a gift box after the nice thing inside was gone; just a lot of nothingness. from "the bracelet" by yoshiko uchida 1. what conclusion can the reader draw after reading this passage? highlight answer. ruri is getting married and leaving her childhood home. ruri is going off to college. ruri's family is moving to another place. ruri's parents are divorcing. 2. how do you know? the text says…. Get the answer
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"manifest destiny" is the belief that the united states had a god-given right to exist as a nation a mission to spread american ideals across the cont


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"many western firms that sold oil-refining technology to firms in gulf states now find themselves competing with these firms in the world oil market.


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"many claim to be the founders of [the tea party] movement; however, it was the brave souls of the men and women in 1773, known today as the boston te