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01:49:53 what is the purpose of this passage? read the passage from "the beginnings of the maasai." these cattle are sacred, because they are actually a divine gift from the sky god, enkai. our tribe makes a living by caring for the cattle, feeding them, and protecting them. to explain the supernatural being enkai to explain where the tribe comes from to explain why the culture honors cattle to explain how enkai cares for the cattle Get the answer
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01:50:51 a scientist discovers a cell that has chloroplasts, cytoplasm, dna, and a cell membrane. which statement best describes how the cell could b


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01:53:09 2 5 c what is the factored form of 270 +8912? o (30 +299) (302-6d²gº +29) o (30 +299 +299) (904-6dºg? +40) +60pg4+4 (38204)(304-8g-20) + 204


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01:54 what value of b will cause the system to have an infinite number of solutions? 6- y = 6x-b 4 13x+1/2y=-3 -3x + * + {y=-3 2 b= o 2 6 4 6 8